About The Wee Tram

Sorry folks – for now, there’s still no sign of The Wee Tram tootling merrily around the Titanic Quarter.
The thing about the Wee Tram – and this may shock you – is that it’s WEE. The fun of the tram ride was all about piling into those cute little carriages to go rattling around the shipyard sights. We’ve thought carefully about the passenger capacity that would be safe and wise at the moment, and just can’t square the circle of figuring out how that would allow us to meet our operating costs.

The Wee Tram (and all who sail in her) are safe and well – and waiting and longing for the day when we can go clattering over the cobblestones again. When that day comes, we’ll be shouting it from the rooftops… Until then, stay safe and be well – and some day, some bright glorious day, we’ll see you on board again!